Woodchucks Climb Trees?

I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go birding and was glad I did, even though it was a pretty quiet morning with not a lot of bird activity. What was really notable about this particular trip was seeing a woodchuck up a tree. And not just kind of up a tree a little bit oh no – he was at least 10 feet in the air. I have never seen or heard of a woodchuck doing that before. I like to think that he is the same sassy woodchuck that visited my patio not that long ago. In addition to him there was what looked like a red squirrel up high in another tree not too far away. I didn’t think red squirrels were this far north but he looked kind of weird like maybe a hybrid?


I know people have asked the question about the woodchuck chucking wood, but have they ever asked how high can a woodchuck climb if a woodchuck could climb trees?


The one bird-related highlight of the trip was a new species of warbler for me which was a lot of fun. I was bummed though that I couldn’t sneak closer for a better picture before a dog walker flushed the warbler away. ūüė¶ That is always the risk though on this particular trail I go to since it sees a lot of activity human-wise. Oh well. Yay for a new species! If you look closely you can make out the identifying marks of the Canada Warbler.



My Heart Can’t Take Another Game Like That

Sooooooo I’m really into futbol. Soccer, to most Americans. And this World Cup in Brazil has been a doozy so far. The USA team has been keeping me on the edge of my seat with the close scrapes and narrow victories. Or, in the case of the game last night vs. Portugal, major disappointment. I think I had scratch marks on my¬†cheeks from gripping my face in tension and not knowing what was going to happen. The cheap giveaway goal to Portugal early just about killed me – I was super worried we were about to watch a route and that would have just been awful.

The team played very well despite that early goal though which is promising but now, without the straight win against Portugal, we have the harder road of needing points from our game vs. Germany on Thursday in order to advance out of the group stage. Germany will be a tough nut to crack. A draw with them should get us through but I would of course prefer a straight win to make sure that there is no question about the USA advancing.

You can’t deny it is exciting that is for sure. I really want the USA to get out of the group stage though so I will be glued to my¬†computer screen on Thursday trying desperately not to give away the fact that I am heavily invested in what is going on for that game during work hours. Hey it’s every four years so I’ve got to support the team right? I just don’t know if I can take another game that is that tense again it might just kill me off. The game Thursday vs. Germany though will be just as tense if not more so now that our future rests on the results of both that game and the Portugal vs. Ghana game. Omg the anxiety. I guess we will see what happens. Go USA!!!

On a side note, I had a visitor to my patio yesterday. A random woodchuck was wandering around and actually peeked in my back door while I was watching an earlier game. Maybe he likes futbol too.


Hey, you watching futbol?

¬†P. S. Men in Blazers has been entertaining me since the start of the competition with their commentary and amazing British accents. I’d recommend you check them out!