Ok January What The Hell

I thought I would just check what the weather was going to be, thinking since it has been a bit weirder than normal lately. I tend to take the view that it was worth being informed so that I could be properly prepared clothing-wise. Shall I wear a full on parka today or can I get away with just layering a sweatshirt? Yes, I am this pathetic – I plan my wardrobe out in advance.

I pull up my local forecast and had a WTF moment at what I was seeing. Basically we are going to have a 60 degree swing in temperatures within two days. I mean I know weather in my area can be special at times but come on – this is just nuts. All I can think about is how much fun the driving is going to be the rest of the week. Do y’all experience swings in temperature like this? Or is my area just uniquely blessed in what Mother Nature hands us?

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Messed up weather. January, what the hell?

Ok January what the hell?

Welcome to My Oven

Mini post alert!

Just got back from a work trip and have returned home to the grips of a heat wave. The thermometer on the wall tells me that it is 90 degrees in my apartment. Holy hot apartment Batman.

Ok fine, it’s 88 degrees. So I rounded up. Sue me. Still freaking hot in here omg.

Unseasonably Warm for March Don’t You Think?

The past week has seen record-highs for the midwest with each day hitting (or almost hitting) 80 degrees. In March. This is not normal weather for us let me tell you. One day last week I was having to wear my winter coat because it was 20 degrees, but then the next day I’m able to wear sandals and capris around trying desperately to keep cool.

To celebrate the crazy-warm weather my family and I held our first cookout of the season on Sunday. We enjoyed a spread of burgers, brats and other typical cookout fare. You know it’s a good day when you come home smelling like grill. 🙂 We use a brown sugar/cayenne pepper rub to help give the burgers a delicious crust that helps to keep in the moisture. If you like sweet and spicy flavor on your burgers you should try it!

Side note: I do not do well in heat. At all. Like at all, at all. Right now I only have one oscillating fan that I inherited from my grandmother and it has definitely seen better days. But today all of that changed when I finally went and got myself a box fan. Yes I know – I could have gotten one sooner like when I first moved into this place. But I’m lazy so I didn’t and basically melted last summer.

All hail the mighty box fan!