Momma Hummingbird

I wanted to share this video with y’all. I know I have been pretty absent of late and I apologize for that. There are a lot of things rattling around in my life that are overtaking my birding and I really need to get back to basics. This time of year is stressful in general with the upcoming semester looming. Additionally our office is short staffed and trying to train the newly hired replacements is taking a lot of time away from my normal duties. I really need to get back on my birding to help slough off the crap from the day.

A few days ago someone posted this video to my birding group of a momma hummingbird feeding her baby. The size of what that baby should be just blows my mind considering how tiny his mother is. The video is fairly old but I enjoyed it nonetheless.



Too Cute: Animal Squee Moments

Just watched a super cute video of a pair of some of the unlikeliest friends imaginable: a kitty and a bearded dragon. Now I am a sucker for these kinds of things so whenever I see articles or videos of uber cuteness I am easily distracted. Must. Click. Link!

Another example of why I am the target demographic for this sort of thing: I love watching this show called Too Cute! whenever I manage to catch it on Animal Planet. And yes, when the wee little cute baby animals come on screen I squeal. Can’t help it – they are too cute. 😛 I do love my animal shows. Though right now I don’t have cable so I can’t watch as many of those kinds of things as I used to.

For your viewing pleasure, a clip from Too Cute! about Persian kittens. Enjoy!