Goldfish Crackers are Very Tasty and Apparently Very Pretty

First goldfish blooms of the season! My Goldfish Plant (which is still unnamed) has produced the first blossom of the season. The blossom really just looks like someone glued a goldfish cracker to the vine which I find hilariously awesome. Frankly I am amazed that I haven’t killed this plant yet. I adopted Unnamed from a friend who was moving to Alaska of all places and didn’t want to deal with the plant on the three day drive up there. Yes, they drove omg.

Any ideas on what I should name Unnamed? Nothing seems to fit that I am thinking of.

The Simple Things

This week has been kind of draining for me and I find myself listless and not wanting to go to work each morning. When I get to work I find it extremely hard to concentrate on the things that are in front of me.

I think it was maybe mid-afternoon today when I began trying to force my thought pattern out of this sort of toxic sludge and I realized that natural sunlight was coming in through the window. This realization just seemed to completely lift my spirits. I know that sounds kind of weird. Spring is my favorite time of year though and I think that this acknowledgement of the crisp, bright sunlight coming in gave me hope that maybe it’s just right around the corner. The first few flowers that emerge to signal the new season always always bring a smile to my face.

So to sum up my thought process: Work sucks. Hey, there’s sunlight coming in. Omg, natural light! That must mean spring is coming! I love spring! Yay flowers!

…and that made things a little bit better.