Zombie Hands Make the Best Countdown

This is the most amazing way to countdown AMC’s Walking Dead return to TV- dismembering zombie hands! Walking Dead Season 3 starts up again this Sunday, February 10th. I am beyond excited. Though if they mess with Daryl there will be a lot of people freaking out and screaming at their TV’s Sunday evening.


Walking Dead countdown

Daryl Dixon - Walking DeadTeam Daryl ftw.


I Got Chills! – They’re Multiplyin’!

Mini post alert!

This is the trailer for Season 3 of the Walking Dead that was debuted at Comic Con in San Diego. Wow I totally just got chills and had a complete nerdgasm watching this trailer. Enjoy!!

*claps rapidly in excitement* I want Season 3!

*Insert Zombie Groan Here*

Mini post alert!

If you have not seen it already, here is the Season 3 preview for the Walking Dead that was debuted last Sunday. I’m super excited for the next season! And I am also very impatient having to wait until October until it airs. I want more Darryl, Glen and this newly introduced character Michonne. She’s wielding a samurai sword – doesn’t get much better than that!