Soundtrack Of My Life

Have you ever had a moment in time where you absolutely must listen to a song? And not only do you have to listen to said song but you must listen to it over and over and over again until you can hear it playing in your head? Well I just had another one of those moments. I can’t really predict when it will happen or what kind of song will inspire this in me. Sometimes it is a rock song. Other times it is a favorite oldies song that for some reason is resonating particularly strong with me at the moment. A lot of the time I feel like my mood drives the song choice which makes sense to me. Sad people gravitate to music that validates their mood in some way. Either that or the music is supposed to be a vaccine for whatever is ailing them. Angry people want something that helps convey at outward expression of their rage and might even help exorcise the demon(s). Happy people….well happy people listen to a lot of weird shit sometimes. I guess when you are happy anything goes which can make for a very eclectic playlist. Part of the charm of an eclectic playlist is the diversity of music though. I know that in my music collection I have everything from classical to oldies to rock to irish folk to pop to house music. The areas of music that have the least representation in what I own are rap and country but even then I do have a few examples of each.

The song of the day for this particular repeat session was Die Trying by Art of Dying. This song was featured on itunes as a free single to promote the band a while ago. Since rock as a broad genre of music is one of my favorites (and thus most of what comprises my collection of music) I downloaded the song. I do believe I listened to this song 10 times just on the way home from work and while I was attempting to do dishes. I hate doing dishes. A good soundtrack helps make the tedium bareable.

If you were creating the soundtrack for your own life what would you choose? Would the songs on it represent the culmination of your experiences? Would the songs represent key moments in your life that define who you are? Would the song collection just be whatever was the coolest shit you could think of to throw together? I have pondered these questions often. I think I like the idea of songs that represent periods of time in my life. The collection would have to be a two disc set though so I could fit all of my fav songs on there.

For those that are interested:

Pronunciation is Key

Now I have been known to not speak clearly from time to time. I might mumble or otherwise make it harder to understand me by how I say things. But if you say something that sounds like “two-turr-uhrl” and expect me to understand what the heck you are talking about I may have some issues comprehending what you are saying. Two-turr-uhrl. Two-turr-uhrl. Not exactly sure what that is supposed to be. By the way, this happened during the last phone call I took at work today. I should have known not to answer the phone so late in the day but I wasn’t thinking straight and I answered. Two-turr-uhrl. Two-turr-uhrl. Dunno what you want person on the phone but all I can think of right now is heading home so let’s figure this shit out.

10 minutes later I realize that they are having trouble completing a TUTORIAL online. *facepalm* Got it. ‘K, so past time to go home now.

Pronunciation is Fun!

The Simple Things

This week has been kind of draining for me and I find myself listless and not wanting to go to work each morning. When I get to work I find it extremely hard to concentrate on the things that are in front of me.

I think it was maybe mid-afternoon today when I began trying to force my thought pattern out of this sort of toxic sludge and I realized that natural sunlight was coming in through the window. This realization just seemed to completely lift my spirits. I know that sounds kind of weird. Spring is my favorite time of year though and I think that this acknowledgement of the crisp, bright sunlight coming in gave me hope that maybe it’s just right around the corner. The first few flowers that emerge to signal the new season always always bring a smile to my face.

So to sum up my thought process: Work sucks. Hey, there’s sunlight coming in. Omg, natural light! That must mean spring is coming! I love spring! Yay flowers!

…and that made things a little bit better.