US Gymnastics Announces Men’s Team for London 2012

I’ve been having a lot of fun watching the Olympic Trials as we head into the less-than-30-day mark until the 2012 London Olympics (huzzah!). These last few days have been filled with Olympic Trials for track & field, swimming and gymnastics. Of the three, gymnastics is by far and away my favorite sport. I will be glued to the gymnastics, equestrian and soccer events of the 2012 Olympic games for sure.

There is something amazing about what gymnasts can make their bodies do. That isn’t to say all of the athletes competing in the Olympics aren’t exceptional. But there is something about gymnastics I have always been fascinated by. The balance beam in particular for the women I have come to really enjoy. Of the men’s events I would say my favorite is probably the floor exercises, but the free rings are pretty awesome too.

The US Olympic Gymnastics Team has announced who their starting five for the men’s team are. The five-man team are (from left to right):  Jonathan Horton, John Orozco, Sam Mikulak, Jake Dalton, and Danell Leyva. Replacement athletes for the team are Chris Brooks, Steven Legendre and Alexander Naddour.


Congrats guys! Now make us proud!

I managed to catch most of the women’s and all of the men’s Olympic trials that weren’t happening during work hours. Tonight will see the final trials for the women and hopefully the decision as to who will be representing the US in London. Good luck ladies!

If you didn’t know already, NBC is streaming many events online so if you can’t catch them on tv perhaps you can listen and/or watch them on your computer. I love the Olympics 🙂 definitely have Olympics fever. And the only cure of course, is more cowbell.