Hair Power Triumphs

I have completely and utterly gotten sucked into watching the Olympics on TV since the opening ceremonies on Friday. There is something about the events, even if they are sports I don’t normally follow, that draw me in until I realize I’ve spent several hours avidly watching Olympics coverage.

Today was a fascinating display of men’s beach volleyball. Question: why do they number their jerseys? There are only two players on each team. I mean truly – how hard is it to tell them apart when you are announcing? I just thought that that was really very strange and unnecessary but very amusing.

I watched the 3-game set of Poland vs. Latvia that featured a very tall man with a very large mane of hair. The announcer dubbed him the Lion King which was hilarious and wildly appropriate. Watch him roar! Latvia ended up defeating Poland 2-1.

His real name is Aleksandrs Samoilovs. From Latvia. Just look at that hair!

Oh, and I so want one of these:

Best Resume Ever

There is this post that has been floating around concerning an email someone sent to a potential employer that was supposed to have contained their resume information. Instead she sent this:


All I know is, I would hire this person on the spot. And probably give them a corner office. Nicolas Cage, you’ve done it again. 😀

The Leather Boot

If I haven’t mentioned it before then I have epically failed you, but I am an avid follower of the movie podcast Yeah It’s That Bad. The premise of the podcast is to watch movies that are rotten on Rotten Tomatoes and re-evaluate the score. Then the question is posed: is it really that bad? This was a podcast that my sister turned me onto and we’ve both grown into major listeners of the hosts Joel, Martin and Kevin.

I feel like when I am listening to an episode of the podcast that it’s like I’m hanging out with a group of friends shooting the shit and talking about whatever (in this case movies). The camaraderie amongst the three is natural and flows easily which invites you in to listen. And it doesn’t hurt that they are freaking hilarious. Plus Kevin has the best laugh ever which is amazing.

As the show has progressed certain celebrity personas have emerged as part of a sacred pantheon of the Yeah It’s That Bad podcast. First and foremost amongst these individuals is none other than Dennis Quaid. Perhaps you have seen some of his movies? The movie Day After Tomorrow comes to mind.

Another prominent member of the Yeah It’s That Bad pantheon is none other than Nicolas Cage. I find myself fascinated by his either complete lack of expression or utter insanity when he’s freaking out in a role. *cough* Ghost Rider movies anyone? *cough.* I find myself unable to look away much like you can’t look away from a car wreck. You don’t wanna look – but you just gotta. He’s become my patron saint for the podcast and I am attempting to pay him sufficient homage by watching all of his movies. Believe me it is a long haul. A long haul. But I can’t seem to stop. It is a problem. Don’t judge me.

Among a myriad of other things I have had Nicolas Cage compared to a leather boot because he never changes expressions. This amuses me. Mostly because it is an appropriate analogy.

Something to brighten your day via my sister, lol. Freak out rock at its finest.