That Magical First Flight

Another one of the bird cams I follow has three ready to fledge baby red-tailed hawks. Today the Cornell Ornithology Lab bird cam caught on video one of the three’s first ever flight, as well as the reaction of its sibling. What an amazing moment to catch on camera! The successfully fledged youngster looks so proud as it sits high up in on a tree branch.



Personally I am amazed at how different species seem to fledge at different times. Sometimes I feel like the eagles are dragging their feet (so to speak) when other babies like the red-tailed hawks are fledging before them, having hatched after them. Very, very interesting.

P.S. I saw a conga line of four mallards crossing the street this morning. They were perfectly single-file, and used the walkway to get up to the sidewalk instead of jumping the curb. Made me smile. 🙂