Milk Shouldn’t Be Chunky, Should It?

I realized today that I have a real problem finishing a half-gallon of milk before it goes bad. As I was emptying the chunky remains of the milk into my sink I realized that this is indicative of a couple of things. First would be how wasteful the whole situation was. I think the amount of milk that got tossed today was maybe two cups worth. That’s a lot of milk I could have used for other things including my own consumption either in recipes or just as a nice, cool, refreshing beverage. Which brings me to my second realization: I drink way too much soda. WAY too much soda. If I can’t finish off a half-gallon of milk before it goes bad but I can successfully finish a twelve pack of Diet Coke in a week something is out of whack.

I love Diet Coke. I find it refreshing. I find it wonderfully carbonated. I find its caffeine content to be extremely helpful in keeping migraines at bay. I find it extremely helpful in keeping me not faceplanting into my keyboard at work and falling asleep only to awaken with a serious case of keyboard-face. But somehow soda has encompassed my beverage consumption to the point where I cannot successfully drink an entire half-gallon before chunks begin to congregate in it. This concerns me.

Realistically caffeine will always have a place in my life because it is one of the few things that can help stem the tide of a full-blown migraine. What caffeine shouldn’t be is the primary beverage I reach for whenever I am feeling thirsty. Caffeine overall but soda in particular since I seem to be consuming an insane amount of it. I’ve decided I will need to scale back how much soda I am drinking and if at all possible eliminate it from my daily routine. I have gone through this process before so I know I can do it. Apparently I have a weak will though because I always seem to get back into the soda groove. Usually it starts with a week of migraines. For me, migraines can start with any number of triggers (e.g. stress, lack of sleep, smoke, chemical smells, and others). But if I have a bad week, it becomes very easy to sink back into that pattern of a soda here, a soda there. I think a good way to start will be to stop buying it. Not having soda in the house will greatly increase the chances of me successfully kicking the caffeine habit.

Sorry Diet Coke. Time for you and I to take a break. It’s not you – it’s me.


Very Sad Moment for FA Cup

FA Cup quarterfinal abandoned after Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba collapses on field – News | FOX Sports on MSN.

I am a fan of both the Tottenham Hotspurs and the Bolton Wanderers, among a slew of other teams and players in the English Premier League. For you non-futbolers, the English Premier League is one of the biggest venues for soccer in Europe.

That being said, I was reading the feed on my facebook page and something popped up from the Tottenham Hotspurs about their most recent match having to be abandoned because a player collapsed on the pitch. Apparently one of opposing Bolton midfielders, Fabrice Muamba, suffered a heart attack in the middle of the game. He’s only 23. My heart goes out to him, his family and his teammates. This situation is such an unbelievably scary thing to have happen at the best of times, but to have it happen to such a young man just seems to compound how horrible it is. I hope everything turns out ok and Fabrice makes a full recovery.

Endless Mucus

So this is day two of my battle with whatever particular strain of plague I managed to pick up either at work or on the public transportation I take to get there. I’ve single-nosedly managed to go through a full box of tissues in under twenty four hours. Right now the empty box is to my immediate right and as I’m writing this I find myself praying that there is another box in the hall closet. Please please please let there be another box in the hall closet.

Within the last six hours or so I have finally re-learned how to breath through my nostrils. You don’t really understand how amazing it is to be able to breathe through your nostrils until you can’t anymore. It’s the little things people, the little things. Last night was the worst though – the pressure in my head from all of the buildup was actually painful and made sleep pretty much impossible. Waking up every thirty minutes or so makes for a less than restful evening let me tell you.

The flow of endless mucus has subsided a little bit but the coughing and explosive sneezing has started to pick up. I’ve heard somewhere that the coughing means everything is starting to drain. I’m not sure I buy that. And my voice has dropped at least an octave which is always fun. Despite that I still manage some impressive squeaking noises if I hit the right coughing/sneezing pitch.

Overall I am starting to feel better even though it’s all relative really. Right now though I will take whatever I can get even if it only means I can now breathe out of one nostril. *sniffle cough hack wheeze squeak*