Grouchy Feline’s Holiday Spirit

I have developed quite the fascination of the phenomenon known as “Grumpy Cat,” a feline by the name of Tardar Sauce whose amazing features are in a permanent state of grump. This cat is awesome. I have fallen in love with the seemingly forever disgruntled cat. There are now t-shirts and holiday cards available featuring Grumpy Cat which I find endlessly amusing. Go and check it out!

This card is by far my favorite.  I think I might have to get some to send out to folks. 🙂

Grumpy Cat in the sleigh

The inside of the card says “I tried celebrating a holiday once…it was awful!”

Another photo of Grumpy Cat, from a recent visit to New York to be on the Today Show. For some reason I love the contrast of the grump expression with the holiday hat. Photo by Scott Beale.

Grumpy Cat in a santa hat