Grouchy Feline’s Holiday Spirit

I have developed quite the fascination of the phenomenon known as “Grumpy Cat,” a feline by the name of Tardar Sauce whose amazing features are in a permanent state of grump. This cat is awesome. I have fallen in love with the seemingly forever disgruntled cat. There are now t-shirts and holiday cards available featuring Grumpy Cat which I find endlessly amusing. Go and check it out!

This card is by far my favorite.  I think I might have to get some to send out to folks. 🙂

Grumpy Cat in the sleigh

The inside of the card says “I tried celebrating a holiday once…it was awful!”

Another photo of Grumpy Cat, from a recent visit to New York to be on the Today Show. For some reason I love the contrast of the grump expression with the holiday hat. Photo by Scott Beale.

Grumpy Cat in a santa hat


Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Kudos to my sibling for making the connection between one of my favorite dive pictures of all time and the holiday. Enjoy!


P.S. Super kudos to the US Men’s National Soccer Team for beating Italy for the first time ever. Like EVER ever. Clint Dempsey, you da man.