Success on The World Stage

So some major congratulations are in order. First off, congratulations to Gabby Douglas of the US Women’s Gymnastics team who took home the all-around gold in the women’s competition yesterday. I was hoping we were going to have another 1-2 sweep of the medals, but Aly Raisman struggled on the balance beam which dropped her out of medal contention. I really wanted her to succeed after the stunning floor routine she gave to clinch the US team gold but it wasn’t to be I guess.

The Russian ladies put up one helluva fight, securing silver (Victoria Komova) and bronze (Aliya Mustafina) respectively. Watching Komova on the uneven bars was something to behold. Just like McKayla Maroney’s stunning vault performance, Komova’s uneven bars took that routine to a whole other level compared to the rest of the ladies in the field. They had their struggles too, including a full on fall off of the balance beam by Mustafina. The balance beam – the great equalizer of women’s gymnastics.

Even though the broadcast was 6 hours or whatever after the competition had actually happened, I was gasping and clapping through every moment. I was cheering like a fiend. By myself. In my apartment. Because I am that awesome. What can I say, I really get into the Olympics. 😀

Gabby in mid-flight during her balance beam routine.

Congrats Gabby!

Next up are some major congrats to our US Women’s National Soccer team for taking out New Zealand 2-0, and advancing to the semi-finals. Where’s Waldo dominated and I am super excited to see if the US women can’t take it all of the way to the gold. I have only managed to catch one of their games so far this Olympics which is really bumming me out, but such is the way of things with the time difference and actually having to work. Stupid work getting in the way of watching the Olympics. *shakes fist*

Another soccer moment of awesome in my opinion was Japan defeating hyped powerhouse Brazil 2-0. This was not a result I was expecting but I am very pleased that the Japanese made it past the Brazilians. Somehow I don’t think the Brazilians were expecting this result either to tell you the truth. Lol.

Let’s all do our happy dance – way to go ladies!


Oopsy – Wrong Flag

Mini post alert!

Apparently right before the North Korea vs. Columbia Women’s soccer game at the Olympics the wrong flag was shown next to the portraits of the North Koreans as they were being introduced. The game was delayed for an hour while the North Korean team waited for official direction as to what action there were to take.

Yeah……kind of a huge diplomatic fail there since North and South Korea are technically still at war. 😮

Starting Off Right

Congratulations to the US National Women’s Soccer Team for an epic and intense win over the French today. I’m bummed that I was not able to watch it live as per usual given the time difference, but super happy to see that they won. Now of course I will be expecting them to win all of the way to the finals. I know that they can do it – they’ve done it before. 🙂 Go USA! Make us proud.

Final score: USA 4: France 2 with the US coming back from being down 2-0 deficit early in the game. The US ladies seriously know how to perform under pressure and come back with a vengeance.

World Domination One Goal At A Time

Mini post alert!

Congratulations to Spain for clinching the Euro 2012 win 4-0 over Italy! This Spanish team has set an unprecedented record of wins that (in my humble opinion) make it one of the best teams we will ever see in soccer history. Like ever.

World domination one goal at a time, lol.

Euro 2012 Keeping It Real

I wish I could have watched today’s Euro 2012 games live (curse you having to work! *shakes fist*) but alas I could not. So I resorted to reading about them after they have happened and watching highlight video clips to get the gist of the games.

Pretty much the Euro 2012 has so far delivered some wonderful twists and turns that are keeping things real in the tournament. I like that, for the most part, the heavy weight teams that were expected to steamroll everyone haven’t done so. I have a tendency to root for the underdog teams unless a personal favorite is playing.

Out of Group D’s games today we now have Ukraine at the head of the pack with a 2-1 over Sweden, and a draw from England vs. France 1-1. I would have honestly expected a clean win in the England vs. France match-up and the tie surprises me a little bit. However I did not get a chance to actually watch the game *shakes fist again* so perhaps both teams were playing at the pinnacle of their capabilities. Lol, probably not. But maybe.

After France’s nuclear meltdown in the 2010 World Cup I had no idea how they would do at the Euro. We shall see if they can make a comeback and have a decent showing in the tournament. England, of course, needs to put their cleats where their ahem balls are and prove that they can live up to the hype.

Yes, I really wanted Spain to win in yesterday’s game but Italy put up a tremendous fight so the game ended in a 1-1 tie. The game was tense and tough to watch with many a close-call in the goal department. I do believe that the lack of a Spanish striker from the beginning hurt them in their abilities to mount a satisfactory attack on the Italian defense.

There was one super weird moment where Mario Balotelli just stopped and didn’t shoot even though it was just him and the goalie Iker Casillas one-on-one. Like wtf? Why did he stop running? What in the world could he possibly have been thinking about to cause him to basically zone out and forget to take the shot? Super strange. I have honestly never seen this before ever. I didn’t want Italy to win but Balotelli should have scored in this instance. If he had scored here I’m pretty sure Italy would have won the game. What I want to know is what Casillas was thinking as Balotelli approached…..and approached…..and approached….but never took the shot and was subsequently taken out by Sergio Ramos.

My favorite picture from the Spain vs. Italy game.

One small Spanish man vs. half of the Italian team, lol.