World Domination One Goal At A Time

Mini post alert!

Congratulations to Spain for clinching the Euro 2012 win 4-0 over Italy! This Spanish team has set an unprecedented record of wins that (in my humble opinion) make it one of the best teams we will ever see in soccer history. Like ever.

World domination one goal at a time, lol.

Penalties Thou Art a Heartless Monster

Spain and Portugal played today in their Euro 2012 semifinal matchup. I was at work and could not watch the game live which was a bit frustrating for me. However, I was closely monitoring the live match updates through the site. This basically turned me into a crazy person at work every time I reacted to something going on in the game: gasp, No!, omg!, *face clutch Home Alone style*.

I hate when a game goes to penalties. I hate penalties because I don’t feel like it accurately represents a team’s capabilities as a whole. I’ve seen teams win a game on penalties that otherwise did not deserve to continue in a tournament based on their overall playing performance. So when the time kept ticking away and the game went into extra time I was a wreck. When the extra time ticked away into nothing and the game went into a penalty shoot out I was not a happy camper.

Thankfully for my blood pressure, Spain pulled out the win against Portugal in penalties with a 4-2 result. I was trying to find a good video of the match highlights for y’all but was so far unsuccessful. So instead I leave you with a picture of some of the Spain boys celebrating in the locker room after the game.

From left to right we have Xavi texting, Pique on the floor, Pedro shirtless and Iniesta giving the thumbs up. Congrats Spain!

Euro 2012 Keeping It Real

I wish I could have watched today’s Euro 2012 games live (curse you having to work! *shakes fist*) but alas I could not. So I resorted to reading about them after they have happened and watching highlight video clips to get the gist of the games.

Pretty much the Euro 2012 has so far delivered some wonderful twists and turns that are keeping things real in the tournament. I like that, for the most part, the heavy weight teams that were expected to steamroll everyone haven’t done so. I have a tendency to root for the underdog teams unless a personal favorite is playing.

Out of Group D’s games today we now have Ukraine at the head of the pack with a 2-1 over Sweden, and a draw from England vs. France 1-1. I would have honestly expected a clean win in the England vs. France match-up and the tie surprises me a little bit. However I did not get a chance to actually watch the game *shakes fist again* so perhaps both teams were playing at the pinnacle of their capabilities. Lol, probably not. But maybe.

After France’s nuclear meltdown in the 2010 World Cup I had no idea how they would do at the Euro. We shall see if they can make a comeback and have a decent showing in the tournament. England, of course, needs to put their cleats where their ahem balls are and prove that they can live up to the hype.

Yes, I really wanted Spain to win in yesterday’s game but Italy put up a tremendous fight so the game ended in a 1-1 tie. The game was tense and tough to watch with many a close-call in the goal department. I do believe that the lack of a Spanish striker from the beginning hurt them in their abilities to mount a satisfactory attack on the Italian defense.

There was one super weird moment where Mario Balotelli just stopped and didn’t shoot even though it was just him and the goalie Iker Casillas one-on-one. Like wtf? Why did he stop running? What in the world could he possibly have been thinking about to cause him to basically zone out and forget to take the shot? Super strange. I have honestly never seen this before ever. I didn’t want Italy to win but Balotelli should have scored in this instance. If he had scored here I’m pretty sure Italy would have won the game. What I want to know is what Casillas was thinking as Balotelli approached…..and approached…..and approached….but never took the shot and was subsequently taken out by Sergio Ramos.

My favorite picture from the Spain vs. Italy game.

One small Spanish man vs. half of the Italian team, lol. 

Group of Death – Not Quite As Much Death As Expected?

Well the Euro 2012 is proving to be a fascinating tournament complete with awesomely unexpected twists and uber letdowns – depending on your point of view of course.

First game of the day for the so-called ‘Group of Death’ was Denmark v. the Oranje aka the Netherlands. I’m sure that most of the audience expected the Oranje to mop the floor with the Danish national team. Because I am contrary, and still mad at Nigel De Jong for karate kicking Xabi Alonso in the chest during the 2010 World Cup final, there was no way I was going to root for the Dutch. I don’t particularly like Denmark either however and their performance left it very, very difficult to cheer them on. But I stuck it out and ‘cheered’ them on til the bitter end.

The second half of the Denmark v. Netherlands game on I ended up spending most of my time yelling “GO FASTER” at the television because neither side seemed to care anymore. Most of the players spent the second half walking everywhere, even the Dutch, which made no sense since they were down a goal and losing the game. But apparently they didn’t care? It was hard to tell what was or was not motivating them but made the last 45 min extremely painful to watch. Extremely. Painful. Krohn-Dehli’s goal for Denmark clinched their underdog victory over the Oranje.

Game 2 of the day was one I had a bit more of a stake in as it was Germany v. Portugal. I like the German team a lot so it was an easy pick deciding who to root for. Pepe and Ronaldo sort of taint Portugal for me. This game had a lot more going for it and was a ton more engaging than the first game. Many a close call was had in this game which kept the tension up throughout. There were a lot of tired legs towards the end of the second half on both sides which slowed the tempo of the game some. Again I found myself wondering where the urgency from Portugal was considering they were down a goal, but it didn’t bother me too much considering I was happy Germany was winning.

Mario Gomez’ goal vs. Portugal. What a great header!

Sorry about the video not being in English. I spent 20 minutes searching but couldn’t find a direct linkable English version. You can still get the jist though.