So Not the Outcome I Wanted

Well, Chelsea won their first UEFA Champions League today, beating Bayern Munich in penalties. I do not like when a game goes to penalties. I would rather have things decided before it comes to penalties. Needless to say I did not want Chelsea to win. I am not a hardcore Bayern Munich but I am very much not a fan of Chelsea, so it was an easy choice to make as to which team I was going to root for. The result was so not what I was hoping to have happen which was a major bummer. Still, the game was a fun watch so there is that.

Oh, and wtf was up with Salomon Kalou’s hair? I kept thinking a facehugger from the Aliens movies was attacking the back of his head. Drogba seemed absolutely fascinated by it, lol.


Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Kudos to my sibling for making the connection between one of my favorite dive pictures of all time and the holiday. Enjoy!


P.S. Super kudos to the US Men’s National Soccer Team for beating Italy¬†for the first time ever. Like EVER ever. Clint Dempsey, you da man.