If Pepe Falls in a Forest and No One is Around, is it a Dive?

I got a chance to watch the Real Madrid vs. Valencia game today. This was a regular league game for these clubs but I was riveted because Real Madrid is ahead of Barcelona in the La Liga table. I am a Barcelona fan. I want to see them take the Spanish league title. Naturally I was rooting for Valencia. Because Real Madrid failed to win, and thus earn three points towards their table standings, the gap between Real Madrid and Barcelona has narrowed to only four points. Four. Huzzah!

Normally I am not an avid fan of either team but this game was intense and suspenseful right up until the last few seconds of stoppage time so I was glad I caught it. Well, normally is really that I just hate on Real Madrid and am indifferent towards Valencia. During the course of the game there were several rather questionable moments of ‘injuries’ to players. One of my favorites was Pepe’s spectacular dive and then kick of fellow teammate in an attempt to curry favor of the ref. My oh my does Pepe pop up off the ground fast once he realizes he wasn’t going to get the foul call he was after.


Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day everyone! Kudos to my sibling for making the connection between one of my favorite dive pictures of all time and the holiday. Enjoy!


P.S. Super kudos to the US Men’s National Soccer Team for beating Italy for the first time ever. Like EVER ever. Clint Dempsey, you da man.