Nest Insurance – What Every Eagle Needs

I have been following a post by the Raptor Resource Project concerning my beloved Decorah Eagle parents that has me a bit distressed. Apparently the Decorah Eagles have started to build another nest approximately 300 or so yards from the nest we are accustomed to viewing them in.

Alternate nest building is a common behavior among bald eagles. The Decorah pair hasn’t displayed this behavior before, but other pairs have two (or even more!) nest options in their territory. The Raptor Resource folks provide a nice informational overview in their blog post about this behavior. I was unfamiliar with this phenomenon until I read this information so I’m fascinated to learn more about why bald eagles would put that much effort into multiple nests.

My concern is that, given the timing with the breeding season and the camera work already in place for streaming the nest site, if the eagles choose the alternate site for the 2012-13 season we will not be able to watch them rear their babies. 😦 I would be majorly bummed if we have to wait an additional year to watch my favorite eagles. I guess we will see what happens. No matter what though, I want the eagle parents to have a safe and successful breeding season.

D12 fledging last year.

Sad News for the Decorah Eagles

Mini post alert!

I am very sad to report that D12 of this year’s batch of baby eagles from my favorite Decorah Eagle parents is dead. They found D12 electrocuted at the base of a telephone pole. 😦 Raptor Resource Project is working with the local power company to adjust the tops of the poles to prevent this in the future.

We’ll miss you D12!!