Lots of Cranes

The weather has not been cooperating lately to allow me to go birding and try and take advantage of fall migration. Today was chilly and rainy with a nice wind that made sure my glasses were sufficiently splattered going between the grocery store and the car. Unfortunately this means I don’t have any new birding pictures – didn’t want to risk my camera in a sudden rain storm.

Last week though we did get to visit the International Crane Foundation, which if you have a chance to go you should. Located in central Wisconsin the foundation does a lot of amazing work educating people on 15 different species of cranes from around the world. The foundation helps in the breeding and repopulation of multiple crane species facing extinction. Some of the birds there are absolutely gorgeous. I was honored to see the Whooping Cranes as there are maybe 600 left in the wild. I would love to get a chance to see them using the microlight to teach the birds how to migrate.

I think my favorite bird of the visit had to be the Grey Crowned Crane. The bird that was there was extremely gregarious and came over to the fence of its enclosure to say hi, resulting in some amazing up close shots of its head and feathers.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day: