Random Birdy Pics

Mini post alert!

Just wanted to share some random pics of a few of the birdies in my life. Chester is the Golden-crowned conure. Pickles is the little green parakeet. And Charlie is the cockatiel. Enjoy! ūüôā

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Easy as Sunday Morning in a Eagle’s Nest

Now I absolutely love birds. We’ve had birds as pets since I was very little – everything from finches to parakeets to lovebirds to cockateils and finally a conure named Chester. But birds of prey hold a special place in my heart. Last year I discovered the stream that followed¬†a¬†pair of¬†Bald Eagles in¬†Decorah, Iowa¬†and their successful fledging of three beautiful eagle babies. I’m so happy that now I will be able to start watching them again right from the beginning.

I spent a couple of hours this morning just watching the Decorah Eagles in their nest. The first egg has been laid and Mom and Dad are dutifully taking turns keeping the egg nice and toasty. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the arrival of egg two (maybe even three!) but so far there is only one.

The farmland around the nest is very calm and peaceful. Despite the fact that there are two huge birds of prey around, the local songbirds continue their serenade which adds a wonderful ambiance to the eagle watching. The wind shakes the nest which is unbelievable to¬†me considering that the eagle’s nest must way close to half a ton.

If you are interested in learning more more about the Raptor Resource Project you can find them on Facebook here or their website here. A handy dandy tutorial on how to tell the difference between Mom and Dad.

Now here’s a picture of Chester looking cute: