Bald Eagles Make Me Happy

I’m still thawing out after being outside for almost four hours birding in various locations along the river. The winds were absolutely biting today which made the potentially balmy 39 degrees feel more like 12. In any case though it was an extremely productive birding trip as the Bald Eagles were out in force today. Most of the river had frozen over except in the area near a local damn so we got to see some incredible birds. Birds of prey in general are a highlight of any of my birding trips but getting to see this many Bald Eagles (23!!) really made my day. We saw birds varying from full adults in their glorious white head and butt splendor to extremely mottled juveniles in varying degrees of white, brown and tan. Today’s trip though really hit home how I want to invest in a stronger zoom lens. Getting a zoom lens that goes up to at least 800 will be a huge investment – easily $2k which is out of my reach right now. I got into photography because I wanted to take pictures of animals and birds so eventually I think I will end up with a better lens. Until then though, I will keep taking pictures with what I have. Here are some shots from today’s excursion.







Eagerly Awaiting the Return

The folks over at the Raptor Resource Project recently released this video of Bob Anderson, head of the project, being interviewed about the Decorah Eagle nest cam project. The video also includes footage of the team setting up the nest cam for the upcoming season. I am super excited for when the eagle cam will be back on and I get to watch my favorite eagle family. I cannot wait until they return to the nest! 🙂

Picture of Dad from last season sitting on the eggs March 2012.

Eagle Fix

I haven’t been able to go out birding in about two weeks – weather and then the plague have put me in a position where to go would have been less than enjoyable. However I have very much been needing my bird fix regardless. I started wishing that the Decorah Eagle cam was back online again. The nest cam of course will not be turned on again until the next breeding season. So I have to make due without for a while which is really hard.

I wandered over to the nest cam site anyway and was going through some of the video clips that they posted from the 2012 breeding season. Just thought I would share one that I found amusing. Poor Mom eagle totally coated in snow. She is such a good mom though – making sure those eggs stay nice and toasty.