Starting Off Right

Congratulations to the US National Women’s Soccer Team for an epic and intense win over the French today. I’m bummed that I was not able to watch it live as per usual given the time difference, but super happy to see that they won. Now of course I will be expecting them to win all of the way to the finals. I know that they can do it – they’ve done it before. ūüôā Go USA! Make us proud.

Final score: USA 4: France 2 with the US coming back from being down 2-0 deficit early in the game. The US ladies seriously know how to perform under pressure and come back with a vengeance.


So Where Is Waldo Exactly?

A few days ago, the U.S. National Soccer Team released the design for their new jerseys. I get what they were trying to go for here with the flag colors and uber patriotism and whatnot.

The national team unveiled the above picture (among others) to promote the new design. Look at the intensity on Clint Dempsey’s and Alex Morgan’s features! Shit just got real.

I however did not weep from being so moved at the patriotism of this kit. When I look upon the above picture all I see is this:

Look, I found Waldo!

Don’t get me¬†wrong – I am a huge supporter of both our national men’s and women’s soccer teams. But seriously? This is the best that they could up with for the kit¬†design?¬†*facepalm* C’mon guys, this is not the way to help soccer gain the respect of sportsfans in our country.