Woodchucks Climb Trees?

I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go birding and was glad I did, even though it was a pretty quiet morning with not a lot of bird activity. What was really notable about this particular trip was seeing a woodchuck up a tree. And not just kind of up a tree a little bit oh no – he was at least 10 feet in the air. I have never seen or heard of a woodchuck doing that before. I like to think that he is the same sassy woodchuck that visited my patio not that long ago. In addition to him there was what looked like a red squirrel up high in another tree not too far away. I didn’t think red squirrels were this far north but he looked kind of weird like maybe a hybrid?


I know people have asked the question about the woodchuck chucking wood, but have they ever asked how high can a woodchuck climb if a woodchuck could climb trees?


The one bird-related highlight of the trip was a new species of warbler for me which was a lot of fun. I was bummed though that I couldn’t sneak closer for a better picture before a dog walker flushed the warbler away. 😦 That is always the risk though on this particular trail I go to since it sees a lot of activity human-wise. Oh well. Yay for a new species! If you look closely you can make out the identifying marks of the Canada Warbler.



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