Late Season Fox Sparrow

As the semester winds down I find myself stressing out more and more between the end-of-semester duties at work, and for my own classes so needless to say I needed some quality birding time. I spent a few hours over at my friend’s house watching out the back door to her bird feeding station to see what might visit despite the cold crappy rainy weather we are experiencing. I suppose cold is a relative term since normally this time of year we are easily 30 degrees cooler. I would rather have rain than snow and ice that is for sure.

The highlight of the visit was a late season Fox Sparrow, a new species for my life list which was a big thrill. I managed to squeak out a few pictures of him from behind the door despite the deck’s best attempts at getting its railing in the way. The rufous coloring on the rump and wings of this sparrow was quite pretty when paired with the dramatic streaking on the breast and gray head coloring. The Fox Sparrow was hanging out in a mixed flock of Dark-eyed Juncos and House Finches which I thought was kind of interesting.







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