Heat Wave Continues

The weather just refuses to break with a heat wave that is basically melting the area. We have had temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s for a while now and it is starting to really get to everybody, especially with the high humidity percentage that keeps accompanying it. The air is almost a tangible thing you can touch; the air is so moist and heavy and makes breathing very difficult. This morning it was already 85 F degrees at 7am when I was on my way to work. That is never a good sign people. A temperature that high that early in the morning spells doom for the rest of the day. Well ok not doom, but a really really crappy hot day. I don’t do well in heat and humidity so this weather is kicking my butt. I just keep running from one air conditioned place to the next trying to survive.

A pair of barn swallows have been nesting above the door to my apartment and I finally remembered to take a picture of them when they aren’t hiding in the nest. The poor babies are hanging over the nest trying desperately to keep cool. Hopefully they will be ok and can ride out this heat wave without any adverse consequences. I have my fingers crossed that the heat wave will break this weekend as predicted so I can go out birding and maybe actually see something.

Sorry for the quality – I took the picture with my phone and for some reason it turned out super dark. :/ I will try to get out there with my camera to get a better picture.

Barn Swallow babiesPoor melty babies 😦


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