Omg Ticks Can Go Where?!?

I went on a recent off road birding excursion near a small pond where essentially you were tromping through scrub and grassland to get close enough for proper bird viewing. Me in my stupidity didn’t think to bring any sort of bug spray or insect repellant along for the trip. My birding compatriot and I spent the better part of the hour out there determined to find either the Eared Grebes that were reported to be hanging out there, the Horned Grebes that had eluded my companion the other day, or both. Plus any new waterfowl species we found that we could add to our lifelists which is always a good thing. We didn’t find the Horned Grebes but did get to see a magnificient pair of the Eared Grebes which are very uncommon for our area.

After what I considered a very successful birding outing I went home getting ready to try and force myself to actually do homework and not procrastinate like I always want to do. Instead I get a phone call from my birding companion with a neighborhood-friendly heads up that ‘by the way April/May is tick breeding season so you’d better check yourself to see if any of ’em got on you.’ And then they also regaled me with a story about how a family member found ticks in their underwear after being out in the field all day. omg.

O M G. I started phantom itching instantly which still flairs up every time I start thinking about ticks again *itch itch itch*. So naturally I freaked out and instantly had to check myself all over to make sure I didn’t have what I presumed to be an entire army of the biting parasites on my body. Luckily though, none were found. I of course am going to hose myself down with Deep Woods Off! or whatever it’s called next time I go out wandering off path.

Still, despite the tick itch-isode the outing was a lot of fun. We couldn’t get as close as I would have liked for the greatest pics without an epic zoom lens, but I still got a few shots that I enjoy.

Red-winged blackbird

Red-winged blackbird

Eared grebes Eared grebesEared Grebe

Eared grebes

Sandhill crane

Sandhill Crane

Shadows in the grass, alas.

Birders in the grass, alas.



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