Empty Nest Syndrome

I am sad that the Decorah Eagles camera will be turned off on June 3oth. All three babies have successfully branched and D12 & D13 have successfully fledged (with D14 I’m sure to be close behind).


Soon they will not be spending much time around the nest and we will not be able to follow their antics day-to-day. Every time this happens I find myself with empty nest syndrome. I will need to be supplementing my eagle fix with other nest cams that are currently available. There are several nest cams through the Cornell Ornithology Lab that I am probably going to keep up with, especially now that my eagles are ready to head off into the world.

One nest cam in particular I am interested in is the Osprey nest cam based out of Lolo, Montana. I don’t know a lot about Ospreys in general and am looking to expand my knowledge of them as I watch their babies grow up. They are incredibly striking looking birds with their dramatic black and white plumage and black eye stripe.

For those of you who have never seen an Osprey in action, here is a compilation video of Ospreys fishing.


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