Pronunciation is Key

Now I have been known to not speak clearly from time to time. I might mumble or otherwise make it harder to understand me by how I say things. But if you say something that sounds like “two-turr-uhrl” and expect me to understand what the heck you are talking about I may have some issues comprehending what you are saying. Two-turr-uhrl. Two-turr-uhrl. Not exactly sure what that is supposed to be. By the way, this happened during the last phone call I took at work today. I should have known not to answer the phone so late in the day but I wasn’t thinking straight and I answered. Two-turr-uhrl. Two-turr-uhrl. Dunno what you want person on the phone but all I can think of right now is heading home so let’s figure this shit out.

10 minutes later I realize that they are having trouble completing a TUTORIAL online. *facepalm* Got it. ‘K, so past time to go home now.

Pronunciation is Fun!


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