Vacation as Punishment – Insidious Corporate Plot?

I’d like to pose a question to all y’all – does going on vacation from work ever feel like a punishment? You know – like some twisted, insidious corporate plot? Allow me to explain. Currently where I am employed I am the only person who knows how to do certain things.  When I am either unavailable or gone from my desk-space, if a question is asked about a certain topic, no one else can answer the question. Because no one else can answer the question the inquiry must wait until I am able to answer it. Now, fast forward to me having been gone for several days. The first day back from a vacation is by FAR the worst. I always tend to write it off as being incapable of productivity because all I really do is spend the day answering people’s spazzing questions about things that may or may not have to do with my job. For example, the first day back from only being gone for two days off I spent the entire morning (i.e. until 12:45pm) either on the phone or in the middle of a completely pointless 11-person wide email string. I don’t know why eleven people were included. I still don’t know why eleven people were included even after I have had time to look back and analyze everything. I still find that whole experience to have been incredibly pointless and basically a good way to make things harder than they need to be. I kept catching myself thinking “What a waste of time.” I was basically hooked up to a coffee IV the entire day to try and survive the onslaught. I think my coffee to blood ratio tilted into the nervous-tick/twitchy category by the end of the day because of how much coffee and soda I had consumed. (By the way, my eyes are still twitching. Not in unison or anything, but enough to be distracting).

On one hand, I most definitely needed the time off because I was running myself ragged. On the other hand however, I feel like I’m being punished for returning because of the state of things when I get back. There is a reason I don’t take vacation very often even though I really need to take a lot more. So, are vacations really a clever form of punishment designed to keep people hard at work so that they never, ever leave their cubicle space? As far as insidious plots go, it’s a doozy. And frankly unnecessarily convoluted. The cynical side of me wants to say yes. But the side of me that enjoyed lounging around working on my crochet and watching bad movies all days says no. But no more like noooooooo, where it trails off into uncertainty instead of NO, all firm and for-sure like.

Conclusion: There are a lot of dumb people in this world who will waste your time if given half a chance. In other words, vacation good; people stupid. Discuss.


On a much MUCH happier note, we have first hatch!!! My beloved Decorah Eagles’ first babby has emerged from its egg. The little eaglet has fluffed out a bit so no longer looks like an extremely ugly old man bird which I am appreciative of.  I’m so excited to see him/her and hopefully his/her siblings in the not too distant future. 😀 😀 😀


P.S. Just got off of the phone with my friend who recently had a baby. Awesome person, awesome family. Super cute lil baby. So I am now gladly eating cold marmalade toast.

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