The Rules of Stapling – updated

So from my last post The Rules of Stapling you know that I have successfully paid off my car. Well today I get home, check my mail, and find a check from the car company because I have apparently overpaid them for my car. For about half of a second wild thoughts of a $300 check danced in my head. But then I opened the envelope. Pay one and 0.42 dollars to the order of.  Seriously? I somehow managed to overpay by $1.42? Being me, I flipped the envelope back over to check the cost of postage. Apparently my car company had to pay $0.42 in order to send me this check for $1.42. Huh. Go figure. And I just realized that even if I cash this overpayment check I will not have enough to get a soda at work. That is so wrong.

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